Our planet’s waterways are diverse, rich in individual personalities and local nuances. Just as diverse are the people, organizations, and initiatives that care for our rivers and their future. This is why, in addition to creating powerful stories of solutions, rivers are life is committed to uplifting projects that positively impact these vital ecosystems.

Local Effort, Global Impact

According to a 2023 study conducted by Rivers are Life, 86% of people agree that river pollution greatly affects human health – yet the majority have never taken action to clean their local river.

Local advocates and community leaders understand their river, and the problems it faces. By investing in their knowledge and potential, we are supporting community resiliency, strategic – and often groundbreaking – solutions, as well as environmental health.

Why 1,000?


Every Project receives support from Rivers are Life in different ways, including but not limited to strategic partnership building, direct funding/donation, in-kind donations, and/or branding and marketing support. We prioritize projects with an evident impact and clear outcome. Specifically, those that will create meaningful, timely change within a watershed, industry, or community.

After careful consideration, projects selected by Rivers are Life seek to solve pressing issues within the following key areas:

Water quality and ecosystem health
Solutions to address waste



Projects With Purpose

From small, community-focused initiatives to large, collaborative efforts, Rivers are Life Projects positively impact our world’s river ecosystems.

Projects can focus on conservation, research, innovation, wildlife protection, activist campaign efforts, cleanups, among many other initiatives. They are often made up of both public and private sector collaboration.

By investing in and supporting these individual projects in communities across the globe, Rivers are Life brings resources and attention to the knowledgeable, boots-on-the-ground, community-based advocates who are making a difference.




Get Involved in Our Impact

By engaging with Rivers are Life and our River Heroes, you help bring to light the wonder of our world’s rivers, the humans and wildlife that call them home, and the issues that threaten these vital natural resources. Share the stories of our River Heroes to promote their work, or donate to them directly. If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about our projects.

Completed Projects


Donated $7,500 to CRDC to fund production of 50,000 recyclable bags

Wild & Scenic Film Fest

Sponsored the flagship Wild & Scenic Film Festival benefiting South Yuba River Citizens League


Donated to and presented at RiverFest film festival benefiting Friends of Los Angeles River

For Projects page Watershed Warriors

Provided planning support and recommendations for Friends of the Fox River’s “Watershed Warriors” community screening and gathering, resulting in more than $6,000

For Projects page Midland bins

Engaged Midland, MI community at Midland Area River Days Festival by assembling filament bins together led by “The Conservation Kid,” Cash Daniels

Mr. Trash Wheel Premiere Event

Donated exclusive rights to premiere "Mr. Trash Wheel" to Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore, helping them raise nearly $6,000

cash d-1

Installed 45 monofilament disposal bins, inspired by Cash Daniels, throughout Midland, MI

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