Inspiring action to protect, preserve, and explore our world’s rivers.

Rivers are Life, imagined by BeAlive, aims to bring you inspirational, ecosystem-saving stories from River Heroes all around the globe. Through films, podcasts, events, ecommerce, and engagement with the global river protection community, we take an inside look at how individuals and organizations are healing our vital rivers. Here at Rivers are Life, we believe improving and protecting our river systems is the key to global ecological health. The path to river conservation connects us- to each other and to our planet.



Redefine the conversation surrounding negative impacts of the waste-stream on our global river systems. By establishing a platform that cultivates a human connection with rivers around the world, we aim to inspire people to get involved in improving, protecting and preserving rivers.



To usher in a new era of modern river conservation by showcasing our planet’s river systems and celebrating the River Heroes who are working to protect it.


Making an Impact

In unison with our inspiring documentaries, Rivers are Life focuses on making an impact on the river ecosphere through Projects. Each Project is scalable through the supportive collaborators who share common values and goals. Our Projects often focus on education, water quality and ecosystem health, as well as solutions to address waste.

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What is a River Hero?

River Heroes are individuals, organizations and businesses who are dedicated to making a difference in local communities one river at a time. Our River Heroes are knowledgeable, community-based advocates making a difference in science, technology, human impact, wildlife, natural biodiversity and more.

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Are you a River Hero or do you know someone making a difference? Let us know!

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