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Rivers are the lifeblood of our planet


River systems, the lifeblood of our planet, are a fragile resource facing devastating waste problems affecting humans and wildlife alike - but we can change their fate together.

Rivers are Life is a platform for creating a human connection with rivers around the world, to inspire the need to improve, protect and preserve them. By demonstrating the many ways in which they reveal their beauty and wonder, the life and our own lives carried in or upon their waters, they inspire us collectively to act and treat them as the valuable resources they are. As a part of our mission to raise awareness of the importance of our planet’s rivers we are committed to supporting 1000 projects positively impacting these vital ecosystems.

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The Rise of River Heroes

River heroes are at the forefront of solving the pollution and waste issues faced by our planet’s waterways. We are on a mission to fund these champions and tell their stories to highlight the direct value of rivers to our community ecosystem and the importance of their role in the health of the planet and climate change. Through the stories of these Heroes and the projects they have undertaken we seek to raise awareness of river plastic pollution, and the commitment to solve the problem at its source upstream. These stories will be localized to specific rivers and be tied to the pursuit of sustainable river clean-up and river health solutions, via science, research, and innovation in materials and products. Furthermore, the Rivers are Life platform is working to provide activation paths via donations, volunteer opportunities for localized river clean-up, social platform content sharing, and coordinating large-scale corporate partnerships.

Our River Heroes and Project Stories

Rivers are Life is hard at work identifying, funding, and bringing broad-scale awareness to projects all over the world that are producing a real positive impact on vital river systems.


We invite you to join the Rivers are Life movement and be part of a new era of modern exploration highlighting the wonder of our planet’s rivers, the humans and wildlife that call them home, and the issues that threaten this vital natural resource. Together, we can learn, understand, and inspire the action that will lead to real change.