"If we manage to clean the Nile, I'm sure we can fight plastic pollution anywhere else in the world." - Alban de Ménonville

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Reviving Nile Fisheries

One of the most iconic rivers in the world, the Nile has been fished for thousands of years – but in recent decades fishing has slowed due to plastic clogging the river. In response, VeryNile launched the Reviving Cairo Fishermen project, which empowers local fishermen and women to clean the Nile by paying them an above average wage for the plastic they collect and providing them with access to healthcare. Founded in 2018 by Alban de Ménonville, VeryNile removes almost 40 tons of plastic per year.

Family Turns Conservationists

Meet Hamad Aly Hamed, his wife, Loza Mahmoud, and their three children. They used to rely exclusively on income from fishing but are now a family of river conservationists. Hamad applies his fishing skills to collect plastic from the river. Loza is an artisan, making beautiful, handcrafted goods from recycled plastic – and their kids are along for the ride.

See how VeryNile is cleaning up the Nile River and transforming lives in the process.

A Closer Look at the Film

The Nile River is an iconic and life-sustaining waterway that has played a central role in Egypt’s history, culture, and agriculture for millennia. Stretching over 4,100 miles, it is the longest river in the world and has long been revered as a source of fertility and abundance in the arid landscape of Egypt, which came to be known as “the Gift of the Nile.” The annual flooding of the Nile, caused by the summer rains in the Ethiopian Highlands, deposits rich silt along its banks, creating exceptionally fertile soil for agriculture. This natural phenomenon has enabled Egypt to thrive and develop one of the world's earliest and most enduring civilizations. The Nile River is not only vital for irrigation but also serves as a transportation route and supports a variety of ecosystems and wildlife, including the well-known Nile crocodile. As Egypt's primary water source, the Nile continues to be a source of national pride and a shining symbol of the nation's enduring connection to its ancient past. 

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140 families

benefitting from employment with VeryNile

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40,000 lbs

of waste removed.

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