“When I was a kid, it was unbelievable here. It was almost like the ocean.” - Captain Blair Wiggins


Restoring the Power of Clams

Along the Indian River Lagoon of Florida a tale of destruction and redemption unfolds. Once full of life, the lagoon fell victim to unregulated commercial clamming in the 1990s, leaving its waters stagnant and its ecosystem on the brink of collapse. Enter Dr. Todd Osborne. With his dedicated team of graduate students and the support of fishing legend Captain Blair Wiggins, they have embarked on a mission to revive the lagoon's vitality.

Their journey began with a goal to find surviving clams, a seemingly impossible task that resulted in only 39 found. These "super clams" became the cornerstone of a groundbreaking restoration effort. Through meticulous breeding and care at the University of Florida's Whitney Laboratory, millions of clams have been nurtured into existence, ready to reclaim their rightful place in the lagoon.

Indian River Lagoon

The Indian River Lagoon, nestled along Florida's eastern coastline, is an estuary that is renowned for its ecological significance and diverse wildlife. Spanning over 150 miles, it's one of the most biodiverse ecosystems in North America, boasting over 4,000 species of plants and animals, including manatees, dolphins, and a plethora of bird species. This waterway supports various habitats -- such as mangrove FORESTS, seagrass beds, and salt marshes -- that offer vital nurseries for countless marine species.

Captain Blair Wiggins & Dr. Todd Osborne

Wiggins, a charismatic fishing guide and TV host, brings his expertise and passion to the cause. Osborne is the visionary scientist leading the charge for change. Together the duo, embodies the spirit of resilience and collaboration driving the Indian River Lagoon Clam Restoration Project forward.

Armed with scientific expertise and the support of the local community, their team monitors water quality, conducts vital research, and transports countless clams back to their native waters. Their most innovative tool is the "clam drone," a revolutionary device set to revolutionize clam distribution and accelerate the restoration process.


Indian River Lagoon Clam Restoration Project

The Indian River Lagoon Clam Restoration Project (IRLCRP) stands as a beacon of grassroots activism dedicated to healing the wounds inflicted upon the lagoon. With a focus on spawning native clam species and assessing their resilience, the project strives to replenish the natural filtration system essential for the lagoon's health.

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