Cleanup Kits Made with Waterhaul from Recycled Fishing Nets

Rivers are Life is thrilled to have partnered with Waterhaul, the U.K.-based organization transforming our ocean’s fishing trash into cleanup kits that inspire action. Together, we are working to promote waterway conservation around the globe.

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Product Benefits

Rivers are Life Cleanup Kit

Designed to enable everyone to take their own positive action to protect the local rivers, waterways, and environments they love, which is why we're making it easier than ever to equip yourselves or others with our new cleanup kits.


  • Sails are made from incredibly strong and durable plastics but are replaced over time to ensure reliability and an estimated 97% of retired sails end up in landfills.
  • The bags are constructed from spinnaker sails; a lightweight but highly durable form of sail. Every single bag will be unique in appearance, depending on the donor sail and what position it was cut from.
  • Easy to wash out (an outdoor hose is perfect) and reuse.
  • Seams are sewn with recycled cotton thread.



  • The jaw, trigger and handle of the litter pickers are made from 100% recycled polypropylene from trawl nets and lines, which is the most common form of ghost gear found on UK coastlines.
  • Alongside the recycled ocean plastic components, litter pickers are made with recycled aluminum extruded shafts, stainless steel rivets and 100% recycled PET string.
  • The folding hinge design, that allows easy storage of your picker in your backpack, car or beach bag, enabling positive action wherever your adventures take you.
  • The horned magnetic end, designed for easily hooking plastic bags and buried fishing line and easily picking up small metal items such as bottle tops.
  • Simple ergonomic, lightweight, and solidly constructed design, made in the UK.



  • The body of the two-part litter picking bag hoop is made from 100% recycled polypropylene from fishing gear, predominantly potting lines (rope), which is one of the most common forms of end-of-life fishing gear found on UK coastlines. 
  • Securely grips and holds the upcycled sail bag with a fixed 30cm diameter opening and ergonomic carry handle.
  • Use of a hoop avoids the hassle and difficulties of loose, flapping and ripping bin bags, particularly in windy conditions.




Rivers are Life and Waterhaul Partnership

At Rivers are Life we are on a mission to protect, preserve, and explore the worlds rivers. A huge part of this is working on keeping these amazing waterways clean. Our friends at Waterhaul, are on a similar mission to keep their beautiful beaches trash free. As organizations on the same journey, we have partnered together to tackle this global crisis.

On our journey at Rivers are Life, it didn’t’ make sense to use, promote, or create cleanup equipment that contained non-recyclable virgin plastic. Instead, wouldn’t river cleanups feel more inspired and hopeful if the equipment was constructed from the material we are removing? Waterhaul felt the same way!


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