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Mar 12, 2024 8:36:56 AM

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Episode 1
Hosts & Guests: Arielle Roth & Julia Regiski

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Current Conversations: About Current Conversations

In the premiere episode of "Current Conversations," hosts Arielle Roth and Julia Regeski dive headfirst into the world of river conservation and exploration. As they embark on this enlightening journey, Arielle and Julia introduce themselves to listeners, sharing their backgrounds, passions, and shared commitment to environmental advocacy.

With Arielle's vibrant energy and Julia's unwavering dedication, the duo sets the stage for an engaging discussion that promises to inspire, educate, and ignite a passion for river conservation. Drawing from their experiences at BeAlive Inc. and their personal connections to nature, Arielle and Julia offer a glimpse into their motivations for championing the cause of rivers and freshwater ecosystems.

As the conversation unfolds, Arielle and Julia reflect on the importance of storytelling in environmental advocacy, highlighting the power of digital marketing and community engagement in amplifying the voices of River Heroes and eco-advocates around the world. From sharing captivating tales of exploration to discussing innovative approaches to conservation, the hosts invite listeners to join them on a quest to protect and preserve our planet's precious rivers.

Through heartfelt anecdotes and shared insights, Arielle and Julia set the stage for an inspiring journey ahead, where each episode of "Current Conversations" promises to unravel the stories that shape our understanding of the world's rivers and explore ways to inspire, protect, and preserve these vital ecosystems.

So, tune in as Arielle and Julia kick off "Current Conversations" with an exploration of the call of the river—a rallying cry for action, conservation, and collective stewardship of our planet's most precious resources.

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