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Pattrn Interview on Underwater Conservation

Rivers are Life and Nathalie Lasseslin, CEO of Aquanath, speak on the importance of cleaning up the St. Lawrence River

On July 12th, Nathalie Lasselin, CEO of Aquanath, and Kate Richter Green, Head of Digital Current Programming at BeAlive Studios, joined Pattrn to share about the Rivers are Life film, “Nathalie Lasselin’s Deep Dive”.

The film tells the story of conservation from underneath the water’s surface. When Lasselin noticed the waste issue in the St. Lawrence River, she decided to take action and start cleaning up trash in the river while scuba-diving.

During the interview, Richter Green discusses the issues highlighted in this film while Lasselin shares her story of diving and why she began organizing river cleanups. Check out the interview below!