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Pattrn Interview on "Keepers of the North"

Ross Gibby, COO of CRDC Global, shares how innovative solutions address waste issues on Alaska's shoreline

On June 27th, Ross Gibby, COO of CRDC Global, and Zach Green, President at BeAlive Studios, joined Pattrn to share about the Rivers are Life film, “Keepers of the North”.

In “Keepers of the North”, viewers of the film learn how a myriad of collaborators come together to address the issue of waste building up along Alaska’s shoreline. Litter collected by Gulf of Alaska Keepers (GoAK) is shipped to a CRDC facility in Pennsylvania where a better, more durable product is created from hard-to-break-down ocean plastics. This collaboration was made possible through the help of Pyrexa Global, the Alliance to End Plastic Waste, FedEx, Dow, and Rivers are Life.

During the interview, Green discusses the impact of the film while Gibby shares CRDC’s innovative efforts to address pollution in our waterways. Check out the interview below!

Tune in to the Pattrn Show, live on The Weather Channel, Wednesday, July 5th , at 12p.m. ET, for another Rivers are Life interview and the film, “From Mumbai with Love.”