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Pattrn Interview with Friends of the Los Angeles River

Dennis Mabasa, COO of Friends of the LA River, shares about the organization's efforts to protect the waterway

On June 13th, Dennis Mabasa, COO of Friends of the LA River, and Kate Richter Green, Head of Digital Current Programming at BeAlive Studios, joined Pattrn to share about the Rivers are Life film, “River of Angels”.

In the Summer of 2022, Rivers are Life released “River of Angels” to share about River Heroes like Dennis Mabasa and Friends of the LA River who are working to protect the city’s waterway and its surrounding communities.

During the interview, Richter Green explains what drew Rivers are Life to tell this particular conservation story while Mabasa shares updates about Friends of the LA River’s continued efforts to protect the river. Check out the interview below!

Tune in to the Pattrn Show, live on The Weather Channel, this coming Tuesday, June 20th , at 12p.m. ET, for an interview with Fred Tutman, a Patuxent Riverkeeper, who will be interviewing to share about his organization and the film, “Voices from the Water”.