350 Paddlers See Baltimore’s Beauty Firsthand at Baltimore Floatilla, Sponsored by Rivers are Life

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June 24, 2024
350 Paddlers See Baltimore’s Beauty Firsthand at Baltimore Floatilla, Sponsored by Rivers are Life

The Baltimore Floatilla, held annually, is a vibrant event that combines fun on the water with a strong message of environmental stewardship. This year's sold-out Floatilla on June 8 saw 350 participants kayaking and paddleboarding five miles through Baltimore's inner harbor to enjoy a celebration and concert aboard Mr. Trash Wheel. 

Rivers are Life proudly served as the premier sponsor for this year's Baltimore Floatilla. In 2023, Rivers are Life debuted the award-winning film, Mr. Trash Wheel, which explores the titular trash-collecting device and the community that’s rallied around it. 

Floating for a Cause 

Events like the Baltimore Floatilla, which is organized by Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore, are integral to that community, as they not only demonstrate the importance of their local waterway to others, but also serve as opportunities to gather and strengthen support.   

Dedicated to the conservation and revitalization of rivers worldwide, Rivers are Life played crucial role in supporting and promoting the event, serving as its premier sponsor and major donor. In addition to providing funding in support of Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore’s Healthy Harbor Initiative, Rivers are Life helped the Floatilla’s message of environmental protection and community engagement reach an even bigger audience. 

Following the devastating collapse of the city’s Key Bridge collapse on March 6, the theme of this year’s Baltimore Floatilla is Maryland Strong. A portion of the event’s proceeds were donated to Waterfront Partnership's Healthy Harbor Initiative and the Maryland Tough Baltimore Strong relief fund  to support those impacted by the incident. All in all, the Baltimore Floatilla raised $33,800. 

“Now more than ever it’s important for those who love recreating on the Baltimore Harbor to come together to demonstrate our resilience, show our support for a clean and accessible Harbor, and give back to those most impacted by this tragedy,” said Adam Lindquist, Vice President of Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore, in an article with WBFF. 

Rivers are Life’s Role 

Rivers are Life’s donation also supported two other events: Mr. Trash Wheel’s 10th Anniversary Celebration on April 20, and a volunteer cleanup the day before the Baltimore Floatilla. 

“When Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore asked us to take a bigger role in supporting their work, we were thrilled to say yes,” says Julia Regeski, Rivers are Life’s Impact Manager, who attended the celebrations. “Baltimore is full of such creative, passionate people, whose stories speak to the importance of water within their lives. Seeing the love they have for the Baltimore Harbor and surrounding waterways makes me and the rest of the Rivers are Life team excited to be part of their work.” 

Forging a Future for the Baltimore Harbor 

The Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore’s Healthy Harbor Initiative continues to promote community care of the Baltimore Harbor through partnerships, environmental protection efforts, events, and more. On June 23, the group will jump into the harbor to demonstrate the water quality improvements that have taken place over recent years.  

To learn more about the Baltimore Floatilla and to get involved with Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore’s efforts, visit waterfrontpartnership.org.