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Let the Journey Begin

Why Join?


The Rivers are Life movement takes us on a journey along our planet’s rivers and freshwater ecosystems in ways never seen before. Our invitation to you is not to be a part of a group or social club, but rather to join us as we collectively view rivers through a new lens. It’s an invitation to get your hands dirty, learn from other River Heroes who have made it their mission to restore our rivers to their natural state, and empower everyone to explore and support these vital ecosystems with us by sharing in their struggles as well as their successes.

What to Expect

By joining with the Rivers are Life community you will be a driving force behind a greater awareness that leads to real-world change.

  • Receive early access to exclusive, never-before-seen inspiring stories.
  • Behind the scenes footage of the people and wildlife who depend on these waterways as well at the Rivers are Life Team.
  • Environmental stewardship #ChangeStartsAtHome tips to share with your friends and family.
  • Regular updates on our river heroes with invitations to get involved.

Join the Movement

We invite you to join the Rivers are Life movement and be part of a new era of modern exploration highlighting the wonder of our planet’s rivers, the humans and wildlife that call them home, and the issues that threaten this vital natural resource. Together, we can learn, understand, and inspire the action that will lead to real change.

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