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1,000 Projects

As part of our mission to raise awareness of the importance of river health and conservation, Rivers are Life is committed to supporting 1,000 projects that positively impact these vital ecosystems.

Why 1,000?

Protecting and restoring river ecosystems improves community resiliency and environmental health in the face of climate change. Knowing that cumulatively, individual restoration projects can make a global difference, Rivers are Life’s support of 1,000 projects focuses on the protection of river ecosystems, waterways, and wildlife across the world.

What is a Rivers are Life Project?

From small, community-focused initiatives to large, collaborative efforts, Rivers are Life projects positively impact our world’s river ecosystems. Each project is scalable through the support of a coalition of public and private sector collaborators who share common values and goals.

Potential projects can focus on biodiversity restoration, local river or waterway cleanups, conservation research, technology innovation, wildlife protection, activist campaign efforts, among many other initiatives. 

By investing in and supporting these individual projects in communities across the globe, Rivers are Life brings resources and attention to the knowledgeable, boots-on-the-ground, community-based advocates who are making a difference in science, technology, human impact, wildlife, natural biodiversity, and more.

Answering The Call

While the issues faced by our planet’s rivers systems are severe, hope must not be lost. As part of the Rivers Are Life movement, many individuals and corporate global citizens are rising to answer the call and develop new technologies and solutions that will lead to healthier rivers and communities.

Join The Movement

We invite you to join the Rivers Are Life movement and be part of a new era of modern exploration highlighting the wonder of our planet’s rivers, the humans and wildlife that call them home, and the issues that threaten this vital natural resource. Together, we can learn, understand, and inspire the action that will lead to real change.