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The Goal

1000 Projects

Why 1,000?

Protecting and restoring river ecosystems sits alongside reducing carbon emissions as an integral driver of the solution for improving community and environmental health in the face of climate change. Rivers Are Life creates an opportunity to impact some of the highest priority areas for the UN’s “Climate Action” priorities (SDG 13), which includes improving both wetland ecosystems and freshwater resources.

Knowing that cumulatively, individual restoration projects can make a global difference, Rivers Are Life aims to support 1,000 projects focused on the protection of our precious river ecosystems across the world.

What is a Rivers Are Life Project?

From small community-focused initiatives to large, multi-stakeholder efforts, Rivers Are Life projects make a positive impact on river ecosystems and are scalable through the support of a coalition of public and private sector partners who share common values and goals.

By investing in, amplifying, and promoting individual projects in communities across the globe, Rivers Are Life brings resources and attention to community-based advocates who are making a difference in science, technology, human impact, wildlife, natural biodiversity and more.

Projects might include biodiversity restoration, local river or waterway cleanups, conservation research, technology innovation, and activist campaign efforts, among others.

Afroz Shah is one of the Rivers Are Life inaugural River Heroes. After starting the world’s largest beach cleanup at Versova Beach in Mumbai, India, over seven years ago, this young lawyer began looking for upstream solutions to prevent litter from entering the ocean. Shah began cleanup work on the nearby Mithi River, developing waste solutions along its banks, which include educating and empowering communities to care for their rivers.